I am a loving Dominant... 100% Dominant and I NEVER 
  switch.  I play by safe, sane and consensual, and have   
  always allowed safe words.  I am fortunate that I've been   
  able to live exclusively as a Dom, honoring this great facet 
  of My personality for years.  I have traveled extensively for 
  much of that time and knew when it came time for Me to  
  have My own 'play space' that it would reflect My style.  
  AND I LOVE MY PLAYROOM!  Full of toys to play with, fully-
  paneled, and with two leather swivel-rockers in front of 
  the fireplace.

      I enjoy hearing your fantasies (don't be shy, that's what 
  I'm here for) and require a brief telephone interview 
  before allowing anyone to come to THE PLAYROOM.  I'm 
  also interested in what experiences you may have already 
  had.  But don't be concerned if you're a novice, that's fine 
  with Me!  Most importantly, I want to know what your 
  limits are (what you DON'T want to see happen).

      Some of the behaviors that We are highly experienced 
  with and greatly enjoy are bondage, smothering, foot 
  worship, trampling, humiliation, suspension, infantilism, 
  spanking, discipline, hot wax, electro-stimulation, forced 
  feminization.  We do not participate in enemas, brown 
  showers, or fire play.

      I have always been an exceptionally tactile person; if 
  you have a session with Me, you are agreeing to let Me 
  touch you.  And I'm not shy!  I love to touch, tease and 
  play (and don't do postal or phone training just for that 
  reason).  I will enjoy the use of your body for My pleasure 
  and entertainment.

      A published writer, I am particularly intelligent and 
  greatly enjoy the cerebral aspect of Domination and Fetish 
  Play.  Some of My greatest pleasure and stimulation comes 
  from hearing you describe your long-held fantasies and 
  desires.  It's My belief that people who enjoy this type of 
  play are usually of greater intellect or greater imagination.  
  We have a lot in common, you and I, we're just at opposite 
  ends of the same spectrum!


  •Believe in, and play by "safe, sane and consensual"
  •Interview before a session to learn desires, fantasies 
     and limits
  •Provide an immaculate, elegant, fully-equipped, but 
     discreet PLAYROOM convenient to the airport, I-40 
     and several major highways
  •Live exclusively as a Lifestyle Dominant
  •Provide additional Mistresses, Masters, male and female 
     slaves for your sessions, but only when requested


  •Participate in enemas, brown showers or fire play
  •Allow anything during a session that has not been 
     agreed upon first
  •Play with anyone believed to be under the influence of
     alcohol or drugs