My PLAYROOM is conveniently located in Greensboro, North 
  Carolina near the Piedmont Triad International Airport, I-40 and 
  several major highways.  Discreetly situated in a lovely, quiet 
  residential neighborhood, THE PLAYROOM has its own entrance and
  is fully paneled with a fireplace.  I have traveled most of My 
  career as a professional Dominant and knew that when it came time   
  for Me to create My own 'play space', that it would have to reflect 
  MY personal style.  (It's not called a dungeon because We do not 
  typically practice the extreme SM behaviors, e.g. blood sports, brown 
  showers or fire play).

      Of course I have a wide variety of tools, toys and equipment, in a 
  wide variety of intensities... from suede floggers to candle wax, from 
  vampire gloves to fur mitts. (Don't worry, nothing happens in a 
  session unless we agree on it ahead of time)  My suspended bondage 
  table is VERY popular as is the dungeon chair, overhead suspension 
  and separate transformation area for Our crossdressers (complete 
  with mirrors, makeup table, jewelry and clothing selection).

      All of My equipment is portable, allowing Us to completely change 
  the atmosphere of THE PLAYROOM, from elegant but severe settings 
  for D&s or B&D, to schoolroom, nursery or medical scene.  And now, 
  with our beautiful new secluded 1,000 sq. ft. backyard play area, we 
  can get into mischief outdoors!  With so much to play with, you can 
  understand now why We only do face-to-face sessions here (no 
  postal, e-mail or telephone training).  There are no phones in THE 
  PLAYROOM itself, and We will not answer the phone during a session.  
  Your session will be private and focused on you! 

     THE PLAYROOM is an immaculate, no smoking, no pet environment 
  that is also wheel-chair accessible.  Remember, if you are granted a   
  visit, you are a guest here and always expected to behave as such.