Are you a true SUBMISSIVE who longs to serve but doesn't know 
  where to begin?  Will you impress Us with your desire to please, your   
  impeccable behavior, cooperation and respect?  Whether you're a 
  novice or experienced slave, you will be given the chance to prove 
  yourself as We enjoy your efforts and the use of your body for 
  Our pleasure and entertainment.  Would you like to have a female 
  submissive participate in your session?  How? Will you ask that she 
  be spanked?  Tied up on the bondage table?  Shall We demonstrate 
  on her what you can expect to be done to you?  You may be allowed 
  to act as an assistant to the Mistress, OR ...

      Perhaps you're just bored and need a mini mental vacation, to take 
  a break from the mainstream world and try something different.  
  Heard of something going on and just want to see what all the talk is 
  about?  Maybe you're just KINKY and ready to explore something 
  playful and sensual for yourself, something that's focused on YOUR 
  desires.  Curious about temporary piercings (sterile and awesome) or 
  electro-stimulation (absolutely safe) or C&B play (sensual or intense)? 
      Perhaps you're a COUPLE who'd like to explore this lifestyle or 
  needs ideas to keep your relationship exciting and alive.  No 
  experience?  Fear of hurting each other?  Let Us help you break down 
  those barriers as you have amazing fun in an incredible shared 
  experience.  Explore a safe, sane environment as you express your 
  love and understanding with your partner.  The memories and 
  lessons learned will live long after leaving THE PLAYROOM, OR... 

      Would like to explore your DOMINANT side?  You can be trained in 
  the use of the equipment and toys here in THE PLAYROOM as a slave 
  kneels before you, ready and willing to obey your commands as one 
  of our Dominants look on, OR...

      CROSSDRESSERS absolutely LOVE Our beautiful transformation 
  area, equipped with wigs, clothing, makeup table, jewelry and 
  lingerie, OR...

       VOYEURS may sit in front of the glowing fireplace in a leather 
  swivel rocker as We put one of Our submissives through their paces.